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A USA Flag Shop

Good news for all our American users - I have entered into a sponsorship deal with United States Flag Store. This means that you can now buy flags from a US supplier, rather than the UK. The "Flag Shop" and "Buy this flag" buttons now all point to the appropriate places on the United States Flag Store. As a bonus, their sponsorship means that I have been able to drop all the popup adverts from the site. In future these should not appear, a change I hope will meet with your approval.

British Flags & Emblems

My book is now available for purchase online. It covers Britain's various national flags and the protocol governing their use, the Royal Arms and Royal Standards, military flags and Colours, flags at sea, Britain's rank insignia and much more. This book is intended for use by Government and Executive departments, British overseas missions, Local Government, schools, corporations, businesses and private individuals. You can buy it online or read a review by Captain Malcolm Farrow RN.

Front Cover
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