United States

Formal Name:
United States of America

Local Name:
United States

Local Formal Name:
United States of America

NATO   United Nations   OAS   Pacific Community  
Location:North America
Status:UN Member Country
Capital City:Washington, DC
Main Cities:New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco
Area:9,372,610 km2
Currency:1 US dollar = 100 cents
Languages:English, Spanish, and over 30 others
Religions:Protestant, Roman Catholic, Judaism
Image of National Flag FIAV Code ******

National Flag "Stars and Stripes" [10:19]

Image of Naval Jack

Naval Jack [10:19]

This historical naval jack has been re-introduced for the duration of the war against terrorism. It replaces the traditional US naval jack which is dark blue with 50 white stars, arranged as in the national flag.

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